Zeta Beta Zeta (ZBZ), also known as Zeta Beta or ZBZ is a top sorority at CRU based on academics, athletics and philantropy. It even has a national network, lead by a National Council of former ZBZs. Like the other Greeks on campus, there is a hierarchichy based on a pseudo-politic and on bounds of sisterhood (each active chose a pledge every year to became is big sister and help her to fit in ZBZ, they remain bounded for a long time after that).

Active Members

  • Rebecca Logan, active, president
  • Ivy, active, standards chair and Ashleigh's "little sister"
  • Betsy, active, former social chair
  • Laura, active, former Penhellenic liaison
  • Abby, her pledge class president
  • Heather, Heath's sister and Rebecca's little sister
  • Mandi, member of Rebecca's pledge class who helped make Casey miserable in season 1 and at the start of season 2

Former Members

  • Frannie Morgan, former president and creator of IKI, Casey's big sister
  • Beth, defected to IKI
  • Suzanne, former ZBZ Standards Chair
  • Libby ,kicked out prior to 1.08
  • Andrea, left in beginning of 1.12
  • Jordan Reed, former pledge who dropped out of school before becoming an active
  • Jen K, former pledge who wrote an article about the Greek System


  • Casey Cartwright, pledge educator, rush chair, former Panhellenic liaison, former president, Rebecca's big sister, and former House mother
  • Ashleigh Howard, former president, former social chair
  • Teegan Walker, ZBZ Nationals representative and member of the Grand Council
  • Kiki, Frannie Morgan's big sister and also Robin Wylie's pledge sister.
  • Robin Wylie, Ashleigh Howard's big sister and a lesbian.
  • Lizzi, Nationals rep
  • Virginia Horton (mentioned in 1.06 "Friday Night Frights")
  • Trudy Henderson (mentioned in 1.06 "Friday Night Frights")


Greek - ZBZ , singing good girls go bad

Greek - ZBZ , singing good girls go bad