Teegan Walker is a demanding ZBZ Nationals representative and member of the Grand Council. She took a liking to Casey and appointed her to replace Frannie as president after the scandal. Her opinion of Casey sours when Casey defies her position of having Rebecca expelled from ZBZ. She is demeaning to Lizzi until she stands up to her. She tried to ruin Rebecca's rush until Casey stopped her. She made Casey become the house mom.

Season 1

Teegan comes in "Black, White and Red all over" to find out whether Jen K's article was true. Casey, trying to save the sorority, meets up away from ZBZ to talk. Afterwards, Teegan replaces Frannie with Casey.

Season 2

In Brother's and Sister's,(2.01) Teegan comes to get rid of Rebecca. Later in the season Teegan is at the ZBZ national conference.(2.06 See you next time, Sisters) While there, she tells Casey that Frannie called her during greek week. At that conference she treated Lizzi poorly and told Casey she would back her if Casey got rid of Lizzi.

Season 4

Teegan gives Rebecca a surprise visit during rush in episode 4.02 Fools Rush In.