Rusty Cartwright, a polymer science major, decides to rush a fraternity at Cyprus Rhodes university. He befriends Dale Kettlewell, his extremely religious and conservative roommate. He also meets Calvin Owens during Rush night. He seeks the help of his sister Casey Cartwright, a social butterfly and active member of Zeta Beta Zeta. He also gets to know Evan Chambers, president of Omega Chi Alpha and boyfriend of Casey.

During Rush night, Rusty also gets to know Cappie, president of Kappa Tau Gamma. At Rush night, Rusty catches Evan Chambers and Rebecca Logan in an intimate position. After discussing with his friends, Rusty eventually decides to tell Casey about Evan cheating on her with Rebecca Logan, who ironically was the one Casey managed to bring into Zeta Beta Zeta. Frustrated Casey evens the score by sleeping with her ex-boyfriend Cappie. Rusty decides to join Kappa tau and Evan works out a compromise with Casey.