Peter Parkes aka "Spidey" is a recurring character in the fourth season of the series. He is the son of Lasker Parkes thus making him a Kappa Tau Gamma legacy. After KT is busted for holding their unsanctioned rush party, he becomes KT's newest and only pledge. He becomes the little brother of Rusty Cartwright. Like his big brother, he is the stereotypical nerd and rushes KT so he could have fun.

Season 4

Peter attends the Kappa Tau rush party. Although KT has decided to take the initiative to look for pledges, Rusty tells his brothers to not worry about Peter since he is a legacy. After the party is busted and KT has been put on probation, Peter comes to the house to see if KT can still have pledges. Although being on probation prohibits KT from having pledges, the brothers realize that Peter is an exception since his father is Lasker Parkes making him a legacy.

Initially, he was going to choose Cappie as his big brother but after stealing the goat with Rusty, he changes his mind and chooses Rusty to be his big brother. Lasker Parkes, his father, tears down the KT house.