In "Friday Night Frights", dressed in motorcycle leather, she comes to the KT's door during a storm asking if she could come in because her Harley "popped a flat". Cappie lets "Destiny" in based only on the reason that she is hot. Rusty, however, thinks otherwise based on (1) him finding the KT house address on a slip of paper in her purse and (2) the radio announcing that someone from an insane asylum has gone missing. Rusty eventually finds out that "Destiny"s real name is Patty. He relays this to Cappie, who is inthralled with this new hottie who showed up at their door, and Cappie realizes it is "Patty the Fattie" from his childhood summer camp. Cappie is honored that she would loose weight for him, but when the two kiss, Patty realizes that Cappie was not all she thought he was.

She is portrayed by AnnaLynne McCord