Natalie is the president of Gamma Psi. Despite her small and kind appearance, she is actually a cruel and deceitful person. She rigged the song contest by sleeping with a judge so the Gamma Psi's would win. Natalie dated Dale briefly when he was rushing Omega Chi.

Natalie agreed to having the Gamma Psi's attend ZBZ's four pack in exchange for ZBZ paying their electric bill; a transaction that she purposely let slip in front of everyone at the party to humiliate the ZBZs.

When Casey confessed to Natalie that she was responsible for the Gamma Psi house fire, Natalie blackmailed her and the ZBZs into giving the Gamma Psi's their house.

During the Goddess Blue Ribbon contest, Natalie had Casey's dress altered so that it would no longer be floor-length.