Mim and Jonathan Chambers are Evan's parents. Jonathan is the head of the Chambers family conglomerate and Evan’s father. He is an alumnus of Cyprus-Rhodes and Omega Chi. Mim is Evan’s elitist mother who is on the alumni board at Princeton University. She took a liking to Frannie and dislike to Casey when each was dating Evan.



  • Liquid Courage (1.05)
  • Tailgate Expectations (2.21)
  • Agents for Change (4.09)


  • Let's Make a Deal (2.03) Mim only



Patrick is Evan's older brother. He is the black sheep of the family since he went off the path.


Evan is the youngest Chambers son. He is considered the golden child until he gave up his trust fund in Tailgate Expectations. Both parents liked Frannie more than Casey.

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