Joshua Whoper is a fictional member of the fraternity Kappa Tau Gamma at Cyprus-Rhodes University.  Lasker Parkes, a KTG alumni, created a computer program to raise the GPA of KTG members.  A computer program adds the fictional "Joshua Whoper" to the KTG roster every year, also giving him straight A's, thus raising the collective GPA of the intire fraternity.  Why? So they can be free to party more of course!!

Joshua Whopper has been a student at Cyprus-Rhodes since 1984- when due to the invention of the micro chip, CRU started tracking student's grades by computer.  This started administration inforcing Greek Minimum Grade Point Averages.  This ment trouble for the boys at Kappa Tau Gamma until Lasker Parkes, a pledge at the time got his pledge brothers to steal the University's mainframe password.  The pledge project became the Computer program "Joshua Whopper".  Every semester the computer program registers Joshua Whopper in classes and awards him an 'A' in every class at the end of the semester... Thus ensuring that the KTG never have to worry about GPA standards again. 

Rusty "Spitter" Cartwright, while trying to figure out who Joshua Whopper is (he thinks it is Cappie), brings the University's attention to the name "Joshua Whopper" and Cappie has to go into one of the classes to take a midterm acting as Joshua.  He passes after Rusty tutors him and saves the future of the Joshua Whoper program.

Joshua Whopper is first mentioned in Chapter 3: Episode 4 - Gays, Ghosts and Gamma Rays