Jennifer Kenney aka Jen K was a recurring character in the series. She is a journalism major and wanted to write an article on the Greek system in Cyprus-Rhodes University. With her mother being a Zeta Beta Zeta alumni, she was able to rush ZBZ because she was a legacy. She ended up being Rusty Cartwright's first girlfriend and the one who took his virginity. The result of her article made the university crack down on the entire Greek system.

Chapter 1

Jen K first appears as a clumsy and incredibly talkative ZBZ pledge, who was only allowed to rush because her mother was an alumni making her a legacy. She would then be sent to the Kappa Tau house to deliver ZBZ crush baskets. It's at the house, where she meets Rusty Cartwright. After hearing how sad he was about knowing that he wouldn't be receiving a crush basket, she decided to put his name on one of the baskets. She would later try to flirt with Rusty at Dobler's while he was with Calvin, but it backfired when she spilled a drink on him. When Rusty comes to the ZBZ house looking to borrow his sister's car so he could steal the Remington Herzog Atmospheric Destabilizing Module to fix the Vesuvius and save KT's legendary homecoming party, Jen K offers to drive due to Casey being gone. She helps Rusty and Dale steal the Atmospheric Destabilizing Module so they could install it the Vesuvius. After Rusty discovers that "his" crush basket wasn't meant for him and the Vesuvius fails to work, Jen K goes and comforts him. She admits that she put his name on the basket and that she was upset that he was so interested in meeting his secret admirer when she made it very obvious that she was interested in him. As the two talk, the ground begins to shake as a result of the Vesuvius working and actually making it rain beer. They go outside and after Cappie tells Rusty that he's made history, Rusty kisses Jen K. (Liquid Courage)

On the night of a thunderstorm when Casey was hosting a slumber party for the ZBZ pledges, Jen K revealed to her that she was the one who sent her the video text message of Evan and Rebecca having sex. She also helped Casey impress the rest of pledges after Rebecca was attempting to ruin the slumber party. Casey learned that night that she had at least one pledge loyal to her. (Friday Nights Frights - Season 1 Episode 6)

Chapter 6