Ivy is a sister of the CRU chapter of Zeta Beta Zeta and Ashleigh's little sister in the sorority. She was the Standards Chair during Ashleigh and Rebecca's senior year.


Sometime after Ashleigh became a sister, Ivy rushed Zeta Beta Zeta and became Ashleigh's little sister.

Season 1

Chapter 1

Chapter 2

Season 2

Chapter 3

Ashleigh and Ivy exchange gifts during the big-little gift exchange, and Ashleigh refers to her as "the sweetest."

When Frannie leaves Zeta Beta Zeta to start a new sorority, she takes half of the sisters of Zeta Beta Zeta with her. Ivy remains with her sisterhood along with Ashleigh and Casey.

Chapter 4

Ivy is nominated for Standards Chair by Casey for her "strong moral center."

Season 3

Chapter 5

Season 4

Chapter 6



Although the two are big and little sister, the pair are rarely ever seen on screen together, which suggests they have a distant, but still present, bond as sisters.

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