The pledges of Kappa Tau are set their pledge project with an inspiring speech from Egyptian Joe(The creator of vesuvius) to set them off. Rusty is concerned that the other pledges don't like him since he has done so much better than them and because he hangs around with the actives a lot of the time. After a bad first effort creating a swing which breaks and injures Beaver, the pledges ask Rusty to try and talk to Cappie to get them off the hook. Instead he goes with his original idea of a video game based on the house. The pledges are not impressed but after asking them what to do Rusty and the other pledges band together to create a beer brewing station which bonds Rusty and the pledges. Meanwhile it is big and little sis week and ZBZ. Cappie tells Casey that she is dating Rebecca and although she says she doesn't mind it's clear that she does. When double date night comes around Casey goes with the attractive boy she met at the animal shelter on one of the days for the Big and Little Sis Week. She wakes up the morning after sleeping with him mortified to discover that Jonah is 16. She thens talks to Cappie about about why he's with Rebecca believing that Rebecca is only with him because it makes Casey miserable and asks why Cappie likes her. Cappie leaves after telling Casey that she likes Rebecca because she likes him for who he is. Meanwhile Dale tries to make Calvin straight. After a few bad attempts Calvin manages to convince Dale that he is happy being gay.