Betsy is a Zeta Beta Zeta sister and one year younger than Casey Cartwright and Ashleigh Howard. She is known for being an alchoholic and meets her only prominant boyfriend Vince at AA. She starts a 12 step proccess to being sober and while trying to apologize to Casey  and Ashleigh about any damage she might have done to their previous relationships, Casey and Ashleigh end up yelling at her about problems they are having with each other. After elections are held in season 1 she is appointed social chair and she is the one who tells the Omega Chi's they are turning down their pref invite. She always known for being a kind of crazy Zeta Beta Zeta sister.



Vince - Betsy meets Vince at an AA meeting and they date for a long time. They break up in the episode "Isn't It Bromantic" after Vince starts drinking again and only finds the pasta  a la vodka appealing, Betsy storms out of the restaurant screaming "You will never change." They break up after that date.


Ashleigh Howard- When Ashleigh becomes president of the sorority Betsy becomes Ashleighs former position as social chair. They are friends for the whole series but do not have very much contact with one another.

Casey Cartwright  - Casey is just a good friend and sorority sister.

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