Alpha Sigma Rho (AΣP) Shown in the episode "Brothers and Sisters", is depicted as a fraternity. It is an actual  Greek Sorority established at the University of Georgia in 1998.


Alpha Sigma Rho is a real campus greek organization. Alpha Sigma Rho Sorority, Inc . is the first Asian-interest sorority in Georgia. In the Spring of 1998, twelve young ladies from the University of Georgia decided to dedicate their efforts to promoting sisterhood among Asian American women and those interested in Asian culture. With this goal in mind, the sorority was officially established on April 2, 1998. Since then, Alpha Sigma Rho has continued to increase its numbers and has become an integral part of the multicultural community at the University. As a sorority, Alpha Sigma Rho not only strives to promote unity within, but unity in the community through cultural diversity and community service. Our annual fundraiser show, Cultural Fusion, features various student organizations performances while raising money for our charity China Care, which funds Chinese orphanages. Our other activities include Adopt-A-Highway, Relay for Life, AIDS walk, China Care, Food Bank and so much more.We are a diverse groups of young ladies with varying majors, interests, and backgrounds. Although our most common tie is our Asian America heritage, we welcome women of all races and ethnic backgrounds. For us, a sorority is like a home away from home, a second family. Through hard work, determination, and dedication, we have come together to better ourselves and the world around us.

We, the Alpha Sigma Rho Sorority, recognize the necessity of promoting sisterhood and Asian-Awareness within the university campus and the community  while in the process of pursuing academic excellence as well as interpersonal growth, moral development, and strength in unity.

Mission: To advance involvement in intercultural relationship and its associated interests and to foster and promote diversity.

Vision: Achievement of academic excellence as well as interpersonal growth, moral development, and strength in unity.

Goals: To promote Asian awareness and sisterhood.

Motto: Strength in Unity


White, Red, & Silver


Calla Lily






 "Nu" - the Chinese symbol for "woman".

Chapters & Colonies

Alpha Chapter

The University of Georgia at Athens


Beta Chapter

University of Texas at Austin


Gamma Colony

Georgia Institute of Technology


Delta Chapter

University of Texas San Antonio 


Epsilon Chapter

Temple University at Philadelphia


Alpha Sigma Rho Sorority is currently seeking interested members to assist in the expansion of our sorority. We hope the newest addition to our family will be at your University. Establishing a new sorority on campus can be a very rewarding experience. As a charter member you will be able to set the foundation for the future of the sorority at your school, in addition to having long-lasting friendships, support from chapters nation-wide, and most importantly gain and unforgettable college experience. If you are interested in starting a chapter of Alpha Sigma Rho at your school, please contact our National Board Expansion Chair.